The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

I started at the workshop in 1970 and was lucky enough  to work with the people pictured below in my early years

Desmond Briscoe

Pictured with the newly arrived VCS3 synthesiser in the foreground

Brian Hodgson

Inventor of many classic Doctor Who sounds still in use today including the Dalek voices and the Tardis take off

Delia Derbyshire

Delia's magical use of tape manipulation in the '60s has now been recognised

John Baker

Master of Radiophonic theme tunes with his orchestra of tape loops

David Cain 

Composer with early music influences and maker of classic radio series 

Dick Mills 

Fun with bottles. Malcolm Clarke is recording Dick's performance

Malcolm Clarke  

The Delaware was Malcolm's favourite toy when it arrived

Dave Young

Unsung hero Dave Young made a huge contribution to the workshop's success

BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The 70s

New arrivals  

Paddy Kingsland

1970 -1981 Pictured with the Delaware synthesiser in 1972

Richard Yeoman Clarke

1970 - 1978 Combined technical innovations with creative work

Roger Limb

1972 - 1995 From Box of delights to BBC schools TV and Doctor Who

Ray White

1973 -1993

Glynis Jones

1973 - 1976

Ray Riley

1973 - 1993

Peter Howell

1974 - 1997

Elizabeth Parker

1978 - 1998

Arp Odyssey

My favourite ever synth. Wish I had one now!

Roland Jupiter 4

I Over-used the arpeggiator!

The Delaware

This is John Baker playing the synth solo for Vespucci (Fourth Dimension Album)

First Studer 8 track machine

Desmond and Brian fought hard to get us up to date equipment

The Radiophonic Workshop

The Band that never was tribute act

Radiophonic Workshop first live gig at the Roundhouse May 2009

Glastonbury 2014

Master of

The plaque at the top reads "Bing Crosby made his last recording in this studio 11th October 1977Radiophonic theme tunes with his orchestra of tape loops

British Library Oct 2017

British Library Oct. 2017

Guest Martyn Ware - The only one still standing

Goonhilly 2019

RWS at Real World Studios

Roger Limb

Peter Howell & Mark Ayres

Dick Mills

Paddy Kingsland

Kieron Pepper

Bob Earland

Radiophonic Workshop live session in  BBC Maida Vale Studio 3 for Radio 6 Music.

L-R: Peter Howell, Roger Limb, Kieron Pepper, Mark Ayres, Dick Mills, Paddy Kingsland 

The plaque at the top reads "Bing Crosby made his last recording in this studio 11th October 1977

PK Studios (R.I.P)

Matthew Kingsland

In 2000 my son Matthew joined me and we turned the studio into a post production facility

Paddy in 2005

We combined my music production with voice over recording and sound dubbing

The logo!

DDA Mixer

Here is my lovely mixing desk at PK studios. Never any problems for 20 years. It cost  over 20k in the 90s and when we closed down I had to practically give it away.

Apple Mac

As the years passed and Apple Macs took over, all the mixing took place in the computer so less channels were needed

Two Channels!

48 faders and only two being used

Clients View

Never turn your back on the audience!

WWW. ......

We 'needed' a website and had some logos designed

Voice over Setup

View of Studio

Lately used just for voice overs but in the early years for music. Enough chairs, music stands and cans for 13 piece string section 


The Sofa

Everyone's an expert as soon as they sit here